Hurricane harvey relief

South Texas has been ravaged by a horrible hurricane. Many of our pastors, families, churches, and our neighbors have been devastated. As Christ followers, our first inclination in times of struggle and strife should be to fix

our eyes not on the disaster itself, but on the God who promises His constant presence throughout it.

When we find ourselves slipping into patterns of worry on behalf of those in need, prayer is our best and surest remedy. We can allow the Lord to reorient our hearts and fill our minds with the truth of His promises.

He is, after all, the One who can calm every storm in Texas or in our hearts.

Thank you so much for you desire to help the South Texas District Church of the Nazarene.

Here are some additional ways you can help:

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Updated info - november 2017


Even if you can’t go, you can help the relief workers and supplies get where they are most needed. In many cases, donations are just as effective as volunteer work. A monetary donation goes a long way to help those working on the front lines make a difference. Please consider making a donation.


Thanks so much for your love and compassion. You should have a holy pride in your brothers and sisters in Christ. The response has been so great that all of our warehouses in Houston are full to Capacity and thank God the demand has gone down dramatically. Therefore i suggest that any supplies you might have collected would be a greater blessing in Florida. We in houston now are in need of cash contributions and work crews with funds to buy construction materials once they get here.  

Thanks again for thinking of us.  

In Christ

Jack McGinnis

Product coordinator.  

If you have questions please email Pastor Philip Allred by clicking HERE


As Christ’s Church, volunteering gives us an incredible opportunity to be His hands and feet when disaster strikes, both at home in our own communities and beyond. Sign up to help us on the front lines. 

If you have questions please email Pastor Philip Allred by clicking HERE