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  • 2017 REAL Retreat - pastors & spouses

    Pastors & Spouses REAL Retreat - YOU/WE need the time away together to share, laugh, and pray together. Our schedule will give time for those things that can replenish us in ways that can renew and encourage. Dr. David and Christi Busic will be our guest speakers this year so please consider joining us in the Hill Country for a Real Retreat.

    REGISTRATION OPENS JULY 10, 2017 - CLICK HERE to register

  • 2017 christmas gathering for pastors and staffs

    DECEMBER 2017

    We will provide more information later in 2017 regarding the Christmas Gathering for Pastors and Staffs.


    January 29 - 31

    JANUARY 30 - FEBRUARY 1, 2017

    Pastor's across this vast District meet in this quiet secluded camp ground for a time of prayer and blessing. To register send an email to Cost is $40 per person. You may send a check to the District Office or pay at retreat.

  • mission house @ lake jackson cornerstone

    Lake Jackson Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene is excited to offer Nazarene Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Missionaries an opportunity to take some time to rest in our remodeled and renovated "Mission House". The use of the fully furnished 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house is available on a first come, first serve basis at NO CHARGE.  Feel free to check out the "Mission House" Calendar in the link provided below to see if there are available dates for the time that you would like to stay.

    Requirements, guidelines, and additional information can be found by clicking HERE. Feel free to download the document, print it out, and send it in to us!  If you have any additional questions please call the church office at 979-798-1580.


Due each month Thursday following the last Sunday of the month.

Every month our churches are required to report the following:

  1. Monthly Average Sunday School attendance
  2. Monthly Average of Extended ministry of those during the week who did not attend church on Sunday
  3. Monthly Morning Worship attendance
  4. Responsibility List – total number of people on their rolls

Reports are due by the Thursday following the last Sunday.

You can report one of 3 different ways:

  1. Via the website –; click on SS Report; and then click on Launch Report Form. Simply complete the form and click Submit.
  2. By telephone – call the SDMI Chair Rev. Brad McKenzie: 713-944-2268; if no answer just leave a message.
  3. By email – just send an email with the information to:

Lifelong Learning

We are awaiting updates from the Clergy Development Office at our Global Ministry Center. Please continue to keep up with any hours of continuing educational opportunities via classroom, video, online, or reading.

Mel Justice is the South Texas District continuing education advisor. You can contact him at 956-423-0422 or