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Do you feel a call to ministry?

The Church of the Nazarene believes God calls men and women into special roles of leadership in ministry. Consistent with our belief, the church has developed many resources to help you determine what God is saying to you, and to prepare you for Christian service. You will find below step-by-step instructions to lead you through the process as well as the forms you will need.

You will want to start by reviewing the section below titled "Clarifying Your Call." It contains resources to help you know for sure God is calling you. It also contains a simple strengths and gifts survey to help you determine the area of ministry that might be best for you.

The next link you should open and read is "Steps to Ordination." Ordination is a process. There are many steps the church requires to ensure all candidates are called of God, and suited for ministry. Keep this document close as you go through the process.

We pray God's richest blessings on you as you follow Him in obedience.


South Texas Board of Ministry

Clarifying your call

You are strongly encouraged to talk with your Pastor and allow him/her to help you discern God's call on your life whether that is into vocational ministry or serving Him in other capacities.

Below is a packet of information with tools to help you assess your call as well as gauge your spiritual gifts and strengths.

Resources for Clarifying Your Call


Ordination is a process. The Church of the Nazarene charges the South Texas District Board of Ministry with the responsibility that all candidates for ordination are called of God and fit for Christian service. This verification is completed in three ways... 

  • Examination - Each year students will be required to meet with someone who will evaluate their progress in ministry. This will be with a local church board when holding a local ministers license and later with representatives from the District Board of Ministry when holding a district license. The purpose of examination is accountability and clarification.
  • Education - The Church of the Nazarene requires students to complete 24 courses of ministry. The courses consist of theology, ministry, evangelism, and church history. For a complete listing of courses required, CLICK HERE.
  • Participation - Those enrolled in the School of MInistry will be expected to put into practice what they are learning. They should have a specific area of ministry leadership that demonstrates the calling of God on their lives.

Below is a checklist that will walk you through the ordination process. Keep it close by and refer to it often.


Obtaining a local license

Note: You need to hold a Local License for at least one year prior to applying for a District License

Step 1: Talk to Your Pastor

Step 2: Complete the Local License Application form and submit it to your Pastor. - click on link below to download the Application

Step 3: Participate in the interview with the Church Board which your Pastor will arrange. Ask your Pastor in advance about likely Interview Questions from the Board.

Step 4: Before a Local License can be approved the pastor MUST submit the Local/District Ministers Candidate Form (See Below) to the District Office to be forwarded to the General Secretary's Office to be reviewed.

Application for Local Minister's License - Revised September 2012

Local/District Minister's Candidate Form

Enroll in School of ministry

All persons seeking ordination through the South Texas District Church of the Nazarene must first enroll in the School of Ministry. The School of Ministry is the "Gateway" to "Portal" which the South Texas District utilizes as its means for tracking the progress of your journey toward ordination. Therefore, even if you are taking your actual coursework through an institution of higher learning, you must enroll in the District School of MInistry.

There are two forms and a $25 enrollment fee required for enrolling in the School of ministry.

FORMS: Enrollment Questionnaire and Certification of Role of Ministry

If you have taken college level courses in the past, some of those courses may count toward ordination, but transcripts must be submitted (certified transcripts are not necessary, copies are sufficient). Send both forms, transcripts, plus a $25.00 check payable to the "South Texas District" to:

Rev. Bob Seal

c/o New Horizon Church of the Nazarene

1201 North F.M. 3083 Rd., E

Conroe, TX 77303

Students are required to take a minimum of 2 courses per year, and have completed all 24 courses within 10 years.

There are many options for completing courses:

  • Peniel School of Ministry (video based online program)
  • Nazarene Bible College* (online, degree and non-degree programs count toward ordination)
  • Northwest Nazarene University* (online, degree and non-degree programs count toward ordination)
  • Other Nazarene institutions of higher education*
  • Other approved institutions of higher education - Non Nazarene* (before enrolling in an institution of higher education please contact Rev. Bob Seal at 936-756-3507 to verify the institution is approved)

NOTE: Degree programs may require coursework that will not count toward ordination. Contact the School of Ministry Registrar prior to enrolling into a degree program. At the end of each semester, it is the student's responsibility to submit verification of completed coursework to the School of Ministry Registrar. Timely reporting of coursework will help ensure the Board of Ministry is properly able to track a student's progress and current level. CLICK HERE to see a comparison between NBC, NNU and Peniel.

Obtain District License

Note: District Licenses are granted for one year - from Assembly to Assembly. You must reapply and complete the process each year.

Step 1: Review the "OVERVIEW" document on under the Overview link to ensure you have met the requirements.

Step 2: Advise Rev. Bob Seal, Registrar of the District School of Ministry, that you are ready to apply for your First District License.

Step 3: Complete and sign the application for your District License: (click on the link below to download the Application)

Step 4: Remind your Pastor that you will need a "Recommendation to the District Assembly" Form from your Church Board.

Step 5: Meet with your assigned Area Ministerial Development Team Member(s) for your interview. Give the interviewer the Originals of your license application and the recommendation to the assembly forms.

Alternatively, you can mail the originals to the District Secretary and give copies to your interviewer. BE CERTAIN TO RETAIN COPIES OF THE COMPLETED FORMS FOR YOURSELF.

District Licensed Ministers must also complete an Annual Report. See the Section on "Other Useful Forms"

Apply for ordination

Note: Upon being ordained, you will receive your permanent Elder or Deacon credential.

Step 1: Review the "OVERVIEW" document found under the "overview" link to ensure you have met all the requirements.

Step 2: Advise Rev. Bob Seal, Registrar of the District School of Ministry, that you are ready to apply for Ordination.

Step 3: Complete all of the application steps for a District License. Refer to previous pages.

Step 4: Complete the Ordination / Recognition Application. Bring the original, signed application with you to your ordination interview. Keep a copy for yourself. (click link below)

Step 5: Participate in an ordination interview with the District Board of Ministry. If married, your spouse should also attend.

Step 6: Participate in the ordination service at District Assembly.

Useful Forms

11_District_Ministerial_Tranfer_Form_Rev._Oct_2011.docAnnual Reports:

Each year that you hold a District License or Permanent Credential, you must submit an annual report to the District Assembly. This requirement even applies to Retired Pastors. Lead Pastors fulfill this requirement through the Annual Pastor's Report (APR) online for their church. All others submit a report to the District Secretary. The following is the form for most other District Licensed and Ordained Ministers (special forms for Evangelists, Retired and a few others.

Complete the form below and email to the District Secretary - Steve Vaughn at - by March 15th each year. For help locating specialized form, please email Steve as well.

Annual Report of Ordained Minister or Licensed Minister (click to download form)

Transferring Districts

It is the Minister's (Licenses or Ordained) responsibility to ensure that their credential is transferred to a new District when you relocate off the District. To do so, contact District Secretary, Steve Vaughn at and provide the required information (all information in the top section of the form attached below).


Student progress chart

Updated August 1, 2018

Click Link Here to download the most current Student Progress Chart


Click Link Here to download the most current Student Progress Chart

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